Sunday Link List for 22nd September 2013

PDF showing the complete UK rail network
I'm a sucker for maps and while this isn't as elegant as the London Underground map, it's nicely done.

Wonderful underwater photography
Sarah Lee claims all these pictures were taken with a GoPro. It's certainly a great camera but there's clearly been a fair bit of post-processing. That aside, great photos.

How Atari box art turned 8-bit games into virtual wonderlands
While I never had an Atari until the ST (which was long after they stopped making the ST), I have fond memories of game box art. I remember finding it all very evocative, and nearly always hand-drawn. Proper art.

CrossFit's Dirty Little Secret
The more I read about CrossFit the more I find it abhorrent and frankly dangerous. It seems to encourage the over-competitive need to prove oneself that I despise as well as being bad for your health.

Created by a friend-of-a-friend. I fail to see how this is any different than any other geo-coding photo app aside from the 'emotions'. But we'll see.

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