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What I don't do

What I use

For hosting I favour DigitalOcean, usually the latest Ubuntu server, but I have used CentOS. I install and configure a LAMP stack where PHP is appropriate. Mostly I prefer to use NodeJS, managed with NVM, and Nginx as a reverse proxy.

For shared hosting I've used Servage and MediaTemple and have good things to say about both of them.

I use GIT for version control and keep public code in GitHub and private code in BitBucket. I use Jenkins CI for particularly large projects, but for smaller jobs I rolled my own deployment engine in NodeJS.

I've used AWS for various things over the years, from message queuing to storage to email services.

I've been a Microsoft Windows user since the early 1990s from DOS with Windows 3 upwards. I like it, it works for me. I can get by in OSX. I use both Atom and Notepad++ depending on the task and Bash on the command line. I use the right database for the job, either MySQL, SQLite or Redis. I have used MongoDB but find the use-cases rare.

I don't use much virtualisation, but when I do it's Virtualbox or Vagrant/Otto.

I no longer support any version of Internet Explorer prior to version 11. Microsoft has, ended their support for them. This means that no bug-fixes, compatibility fixes, and more important security updates will be forthcoming.

There is no longer any compelling reason to use one of these old browsers. Security alone should justify moving to IE11, Edge, or one of the other free browsers.

This is how I think I stack up on the Joel Test for programmers