Microsoft Edge is fast and useful

Until it has support for plugins (namely ╬╝Block Origin and LastPass), Microsoft Edge browser will not become my primary browser. However I find myself using it a lot.

Firstly, it starts quickly and is a great way to use the web without being signed in to Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. Things I used to fire up a Chrome Incognito window for I now use Edge for. It's also a pleasure to use, sites render properly and it feels fast and light. On my Dell XPS 13 2015 the two-finger scroll is smooth and responsive, something I can't say about Chrome.

Secondly, in the excellent developer tools there is one button in the debugger that has made debugging a lot easier:

Microsoft Edge Just My Code button

That little button above is called 'Debug just my code' and intelligently figures out what JavaScript is a library and what is site code. This stops the debugger going too deep when tracing issues.