Derek Sivers wants everyone to have a /now page. He's right to want this. You can find a little profile of me on the website.

An unfortunate coincidence saw me hospitalised with a serious infection in the middle of February 2020 and released just as the seriousness of COVID-19 started to become apparent. Forced to rest anyway, it was a seamless transition to self-isolation. With a bandaged foot propped up in the air I am forced to work from a laptop, literally on my lap.

While I'm lucky to work from home, I don't know how long the work will last.

Professionally, I'm consulting with three businesses, an international chandlery manufacturer, a small pet food manufacturer, and a startup that I can say no more about at this time.

For the sailing company I am:

For the pet food company I am:

For more about this see my work page

I'm also running a photo booth business in a vintage caravan ( with my business partner. However, COVID-19 has caused nearly all our 2020 bookings to either be postponed or cancelled, so we're looking forward to next year.

Last updated: June 2020